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Your Tools for Success


Offset Spatula or Butter Knife


Tweezers or Chopsticks

Small Saucepan


A few notes before beginning your Crenn Kit Luxe experience with us:

Place all items in the refrigerator if not being enjoyed immediately. We recommend preparing your menu on the evening that you pick up, but your items will keep in the refrigerator for up to 24 hours. Please leave out the tart shell in its individual container.

Once you begin your experience:

Remove the butter from the brioche box (#4). Place on a plate to soften.

Next, pre-heat your oven to 350F.

We suggest you plate 1-5 together so there is no pause between eating each course:

1 - Kir Breton (Parties of two will receive one full jar, parties of three will receive one and a half jars)

2 - Caviar Tart

3 - Tomato

4 - Brioche 

5 - Roasted Cabbage

Next move on to your final courses:

6 - Trout Mousse (Warmed in the oven for 9 minutes at 350F)

7 - Dessert

8 - Cheese (Optional supplement, to be enjoyed before dessert)

*** You can either create a piping bag at home by putting the chocolate cream into a bag and cutting a hole at the tip or you can use a spoon to add a mound of chocolate cream to the puff and use the back of the spoon to create a well for the caramel.